Ready to step up and start living Your Fab Yoga Life?

Hello Wise One,

Do you know why most yoga teachers or healers struggle to make a living from their passion? Hint: it’s not because there are not enough students out there.

And it’s not because there is no market for what you have to share.

The biggest obstacle to you making a fabulous living - and lifestyle - from sharing your experience is YOU.

No offense. It’s nothing personal.

The problem is simple: you have not seen how it can be possible for you, and so you don’t believe it is.

It’s about your beliefs. Your internal experience - your doubts, lack of trust, and wavering commitment to the full power of practice hold you back from truly manifesting the life of your dreams. Limiting beliefs sabotage manifestation of your dreams.

A limiting belief is any negative belief about the power of what you have to offer the world, and your ability to offer it.

For example, let's say you've been unsuccessful in trying to create a consistent teaching situation in your past. This naturally creates a belief within you that says: “I’m unable to make a living through sharing my yoga. People are uninterested in what I have to share.” You carry this belief around with you and then guess who shows up? Students who are uninterested in what you have to share!

What’s important to recognize is that the pattern is happening because you’ve created the template in your mind. Change your beliefs and you change what manifests around you.

Your beliefs about yourself and the strength of your own practice determines how your teaching manifests in the world. This is the most important lesson to learn about practice. Your practice is your guide. When you focus on deepening your commitment to practice, it is 100% guaranteed that your experience will shift.

Do you believe in the power of your practice?

Yoga Classes in Sicily, New York and Florida

  • Are you a yoga teacher, or wellness therapist who is recently qualified or is looking for a new direction and inspiration on how to develop your teaching or your therapeutic practice into a thriving business that lets you live the life of your dreams and perhaps even travel the world?
  • Have you been watching how many successful yoga teachers are doing just that now and you wonder how they put it all together?
  • Do you have the feeling that 'I am just no good at business' so it's too difficult to develop and run a thriving wellness business?
  • Are you looking for a helping hand, and some guidance from global yogis who have walked this path before you and can let you know about the potholes and the twists and turns thus making your own journey much smoother?
  • Would you love to be part of a group of people who are on the same journey?
  • Do you tear your hair out about marketing and sometimes collapse in a heap because you feel like you have to 'sell yourself'?

If you feel insecure, doubtful, fearful or confused about how to create a thriving teaching situation, limiting beliefs are holding you back.

Limiting Beliefs Many of Us Have That May Hold You Back:

  • "I'm not good enough"
  • "I'm too ______ to earn enough money teaching full-time"
  • "I've failed to create a thriving teaching situation in the past - why would it be different now?"
  • “I don’t have enough experience"
  • “There are too many yoga teachers out there"
  • "I'm scared of putting myself out there"
  • “Nobody wants to pay for yoga classes, so why would they pay me?"
  • "My teachers didn’t provide enough support, so how can I trust myself to teach on a larger scale?"
  • “I don’t want to risk being ridiculed"
  • "When I find the right yoga studio, then I'll be happy"

As tragic as these beliefs are, the real tragedy is that many teachers base their entire teaching on these unstable foundations.

This is completely unnecessary.

Your beliefs are NOT permanent. You have the power to change them.


Change your limiting beliefs & deepen your own practice to create the life of your dreams by sharing your passion.


Are you a yoga teacher, a healer, a therapist who already has a practice and perhaps a business or the beginnings of one?

In this course international yoga teacher and writer Kim Roberts and writer and founder of The Global Yogi website Michelle Taffe share their experience of teaching yoga and travelling the world while building a thriving business.

Taught over 8 weeks with 1 break week and 1 consolidation week, this is a comprehensive training that will give you all you need to take your life and business to the next level.

YOUR FAB YOGA LIFE is an E-course that will:

  • Significantly deepen your confidence in what you have to teach
  • Dissolve your limiting beliefs
  • Guide you to create the teaching lifestyle you've always desired

We’ve taken the best practices and exercises that we share with our own private clients and turned it into a 8-week self-study course.

Kim Roberts has taught yoga internationally and counselled or coached private clients for over 20 years. She created a fabulous and well-paid career teaching yoga at some of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Kim is also an artist, and is currently in the process of publishing a memoir of her 20 years as a yoga teacher, pyschotherapist, retreat leader and spiritual seeker in Asia.
Pic by Lisa Kerry of Kim in Kao Sok National Park, Thailand

Michelle Taffe is a yogi, traveller and writer and musician who has combined her passions for yoga, writing, digital media and self-enquiry to create a thriving nomadic lifestyle based on her Global Yogi website, which gives her the freedom to do what she loves while travelling the world. Her deep curiosity has led her to interview scores of global yogis and spiritual teachers, some of whom figure in exclusive bonus interviews for this course!
Pic by Bonnie Stewart of Michelle in Pai, Thailand

Here's What People Are Saying

Marianne Jacuzzi

Your Fab Yoga Life” came to me when I had reached a crossroad in my journey as a yoga teacher. Though I had been teaching already for over 15 years, many things had shifted for me, both in my yoga practice and my personal life. This wonderful course empowered me with the inspiration, knowledge and challenge that I needed to move forward on my path.

Every week, I looked forward so much to the new lessons. Kim and Michelle have a wealth of wisdom and understanding to share. Their method takes you deeper into yourself, helping you identify your own passion, your own commitment to yoga, your own life story that brought you to where you are now. It is all about teaching from a place of honesty and integrity, being a yogi first and out of that a teacher. The materials provide a good balance, communicating real information as well as challenging questions that serve to deepen self-understanding. I loved interacting with them, contemplating the issues they raised as I went through my week.

Kim and Michelle provide a wealth of resources as well, from inspiring interviews with well- known yoga teachers to experts in social media and marketing, with all the practical tools to go with it. The course opened me up to so many new possibilities! Though I “finished” it this last summer, I am still going over lots of the material. The course actually has no finish, as it provides you with tools to develop over a lifetime.

Kim and Michelle teach from a place of compassion as well as wisdom. Though the format is on-line, they are still always available for anyone’s needs. It is totally amazing how we on the course formed a community across the globe, with our two fabulous teachers at opposite ends as well! I feel such gratitude towards them for all they shared with us.

Needless to say, I recommend “Your Fab Yoga Life” most highly to any yoga teacher or aspiring yoga teacher. It will meet you where you are and give you everything you need to evolve further.

Marianne Jacuzzi Yoga Teacher of 25 years experience, Ireland
Angela Blank

I learned a lot about business & marketing and gained confidence to promote myself and my offerings. The course was extremely helpful to me.

Even though I still need another job to support myself, I’m convinced to be on the right track and that one day I’ll be able to fully live of my passion. Thank you Kim & Michelle

Angela Blank

We created Your Fab Yoga Life for yoga teachers who want to create a thriving career out of sharing their passion for yoga, but this course has also helped many healers, therapists and coaches significantly re-vision and expand their offerings & gain incredible confidence in themselves.

YOUR FAB YOGA LIFE is the creation of Kim Roberts and Michelle Taffe.

We both have extensive experience in our respective fields, and have worked with people to guide them to success for years.

6 Modules Delivered over 8 Weeks


We start by working out what it is that inspires you, because this will be the foundation of your offer. Then we look at anything that might be getting in your way, before we give you tools to take stock of your present situation.


In this module we start with the process of claiming your story. Your story, with all its twists and turns, is the raw material that you will alchemize into the gold of your offer. Then we learn to listen to the inner voice and unleash your imagination while you prepare for this wonderful journey!


The principles of the ancient path of yoga can be equally applied to business as to anything else in life. We apply them here to the development and the creation of your business: that is, the nuts and bolts of how to harness the process of alchemy to create a concrete offer in the world that sustains a thriving life.

*** BREAK WEEK ***

Catch up on any course material you haven't managed to complete yet, or just put your feet up by the pool, lie on a bolster and have a rest. You deserve it!

Module #4 DREAM BIG

Everyone's dreams are different. This is where you start to connect to what is a dream life for you.  We work out what wealth and prosperity mean for you. And then, it comes to the magic of creation, the taking of one small step towards that big dream.


Have you ever found yourself shying away from marketing? Feeling that it is somehow not in alignment with your practice? In this module we teach you about applying the same mindfulness you apply to your practice to your marketing. And also, we have fun! Fun is an essential ingredient in mixing up your magical marketing brew.


The final module is all about relationships. Essentially the whole of life is a process of understanding relationship. Building and nourishing a strong network with like-minded individuals and businesses is fundamental to creating a thriving fab yoga life for yourself.


Review all that you have learned over these eight weeks, share you learnings with others in the private facebook group, and get ready to put all of your new plans into action!


Here's What People Are Saying

Becky Pell, UK Based Sound Engineer and Yoga Teacher

This has been a brilliantly illuminating course in terms of revealing where I was blocking myself, and practical steps in moving past that start creating my dream life. A lot of exciting moves have started to happen as a direct result of practical action taken and openness felt, through this course. Do it!

Recent Update from Becky

I was researching teacher trainings for one of my private students, and stumbled upon a wonderful 18 month Therapy training right under my nose here in London, having looked worldwide! I’ve done the first 2 long-weekend modules and am loving it. As the course goes on we shadow a therapist then start to take on our own clients under supervision – it’s perfect. I’ve had to make some space in my life and make it a priority in order for it to happen, and it was you and Michelle’s course which helped me to have the vision – and cojones! – to do that, so thank you!

Becky Pell, UK Based Sound Engineer and Yoga Teacher
Tash Martin, Nomadic Australian Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer

It is rare to find a course that gives you so many real life examples of people who are living what is being taught. Kim and Michelle are sincere and are both living Fab Yoga lives enjoying adventure and abundance while staying true to their core yogic values.

This course gives you the tools to go deep within and find out what it is you truly want. It gives you space to breathe and relax and to listen to your body and heart. This is something yoga teachers need to learn to do OFF the mat in every moment of their lives!!!

I feel so inspired and so ready to birth a life that encompasses everything I have ever dreamed of. It is already happening for me. The more I let go and allow things to unfold, the more amazing openings appear. I am full of gratitude to Kim and Michelle for teaching from their hearts and for helping my find my Truth. This is a course that is guaranteed to bring you closer to your own unique way of being in the world and when we stand in our own power, magic happens.

Get ready to feel your inner warrior birth and show you your very own Fab Yoga Life!!! I learned to hold onto exactly what I want and not settle for something else. My confidence in my unique offering to the world grew. I practiced the one small imperfect step toward a very big heart dream and the door opened easily within 24 hours.

This course reminded me to bring intention into every part of my life and this is making all the difference. I found the business modules really helpful and am feeling a lot more at ease with my relationship to money and abundance. This course shifted big belief systems that were deep inside me and allowed me to understand my self and to begin to release some inhibiting systems and allow new, positive, empowering beliefs to take hold.

Tash Martin, Nomadic Australian Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer

Here’s what few teachers know, and what you need to know to become a great teacher:

1. They have a powerful and deep connection to their own practice.

  • They understand the power of what they practice and teach
  • They know that the practice works, and teach by example
  • They believe in the power of practice to guide them - that practice is the source of connection to our inner wisdom and that deep and daily practice is the key to accessing the wisdom and compassion that will continue to take your teaching to a new level.

Teachers who have successfully manifested their dream careers didn't just hope these things would happen for them. They practiced, regularly, connecting with the source of what they are teaching.

2. They trust the wisdom and insight they access in practice to guide them in their teaching.

A teacher who has successfully created the opportunities to share her teaching knows how powerful her internal experience is and maintains her connection to it through daily practice.

She understands that by committing to practice, and learning to let the practice guide her, listening to the wisdom that arises from this connection. This is how a fabulous yoga life unfolds.

This is exactly what Your Fab Yoga Life ecourse will teach you to do.

3. They are not afraid to put themselves out there and ask for what they want.

I'm Kim Roberts

When I first started on this path of yoga over 25 years ago, I was a grad student training to be a psychotherapist. Yoga was a way to develop a connection to my body, to heal the disconnect after a lifetime of unhealthy relationships that mirrored patterns I had learned early on. Yoga helped enormously. I gained confidence with each practice, I settled the winds with pranayama and meditation, so my emotions calmed down. They did not stop being difficult, but I found that I could manage my emotions more effectively if I maintained regular yoga practice.

Eventually, people started asking me to teach, and as I graduated and became a psychotherapist, I discovered that my clients also benefited from yoga. In fact, I often found that it was the only way in. The mind can be so tricky, especially with people who have suffered abuse or trauma. The body is such an easy way to start working with people who have difficult emotional lives—you don’t have to think, you only have to do. Eventually this doing, with breathwork, starts to change the mind, and then you can eventually start to talk about it.

So I added yoga and meditation to my therapeutic techniques, my bag of tools. As the years went on, I tried to expand and develop each of these tools: I went on retreats and attended Buddhist teachings to develop meditation.

Then I took a huge leap— I quit my job to go practice Ashtanga yoga in Mysore with Pattabhi Jois. I had $600 to my name and a large student debt. I bought my ticket on credit, and brought enough cash for one month of study with the guru. Logically, it was insane. In my heart, I had never felt so sure of anything in my life. I knew I would figure it out.

And things did work out. I embarked on a PhD to increase my understanding of psychology and its applications in the world. I moved to Paris to do an internship at one of the UN agencies, hoping to find my niche to save the world.


Fast forward 25 years and as a result of my commitment to yoga, I’ve made a fantastic (and well paid) living teaching yoga at some of the most exclusive and gorgeous destinations in the world.

Many people over the years have said to me, “I wish I could live the kind of life you do.” And I’m always amazed because, of course, if they really wanted to, they could. It’s easy to let fear hold you back from following your dreams.

But when you put your dreams ahead of your niggling little doubts about whether or not it’s possible, then, and ONLY then, does it actually become possible to realize them.

But now, after over 20 years of teaching yoga, I don’t recognize the terrain anymore. Yoga has become so popular that it is hard to know where to find one’s place in the conversation. Whenever something trends on a worldwide scale like yoga has in recent years, it creates evolution.

I’ve evolved, too. At 50, my body no longer does what it did when I first started yoga 25 years ago–it doesn’t want to. When I was recently categorized under “fitness professionals’ at a place I worked, (though they invited me to teach at their meditation retreat center) I realized I needed to re-vision my approach to teaching and practicing yoga. It’s discouraging to keep teaching in a yoga world that is increasingly defined by material success and accomplishment.

So I have had to revise my approach, both my own practice and my teaching.

These days, yoga practice for me is a way to sustain a deep and grounded meditation practice. It helps me stay tuned in so I can help my coaching clients. It’s also a way for me to tap into my inner voice to discover and express my creativity, which is becoming more important as I get older. So while the expression of yoga practice evolves, the fundamental approach to practice is constant: we show up, moment by moment, to the truth of our situation. An authentic yoga practice provides the tool for this to happen.

We’ve got some big issues on this planet to work out. I’m encouraged to see so many people recently learning yoga, and becoming teachers, collaborating with others to help the planet on a more grassroots level. At the point we now find ourselves, with politics and economy and ecology going down the toilet, I see this collaborative effort as the only solution left to us mortal humans. I’d like to be part of this solution, rather than part of the problem. Wouldn’t you?

That’s why I originally conceived of the course, How to make a Fabulous Living Teaching and Traveling (and Saving) the World: Designing your Career as a Yoga Teacher

My goals in doing this are simple:

  1. To empower teachers to share yoga as an agent of change in the world
  2. To help yoga teachers clarify their understanding of yoga and how to convey that message through teaching
  3. To share insights I’ve learned on my journey as I’ve created an international teaching career
  4. To encourage anyone who engages in a yoga or meditation practice to share their gifts, by letting practice guide the process.

The process outlines the tools to approach your life using contemplative practice as the foundation. Yoga and meditation help you clarify your thoughts by increasing awareness of your mental patterns. Once you know how to access this awareness, you can use this clear thinking as you move forward in positive ways.

Basically, all we are doing here is identifying the source of suffering, which is what compels most people to attend their first yoga class. What is the source of suffering? It is struggle, or resistance to what is. When you can learn to identify and accept whatever is happening, then struggle vanishes.

This will eventually happen with sustained yoga or meditation practice. But if you are aware of this process as a teacher, you will help your students make this shift more quickly, and you will be able to translate and share your message in places that might not be identified as “yoga” friendly. You will increase your reach—and your marketability-- by expanding your vision.

So I’m not going to give you any techniques for how to sequence postures, or when to do pranayama. You may not do anything differently in your classes, but your mindset will be different. This is the most important shift a teacher can make: to shift from a mindset of “teaching postures” to “teaching people how to relax into awareness.” And the most effective way to do that is to model it—to learn to do it yourself.

My hope is to help you find out on this course whether you have what it takes to build a life out of offering your valuable skills to people who need them.

I believe that by helping people to elevate their awareness, we can shift the consciousness of our planet. Yoga is a set of tools that can help anyone cultivate awareness and refine connection to a deeper source of wisdom.

Your message is SO needed in the world. You know that yoga and meditation help people tune in to their higher wisdom, rather than their gorilla wisdom, which is what is making life on earth so complicated. You know that if more people practice yoga, more people’s lives will be transformed. You know that if more people’s lives are transformed, our planet will be transformed.

So if you are a teacher or an aspiring one, I'd like to encourage and empower you to clarify your message, refine your delivery and share your practice with the world. If you've been lucky enough to receive these teachings, then share the love!

What you will learn here may not be what you expected to learn on a course about how to create an overseas teaching career. And here’s the trick: teaching yoga is not a career. It is a calling. But if you have heard the call, and can recognize and implement this perspective and these tools, then you will be so far ahead of the rest of the masses teaching yoga that you will be able to choose where you go and what you do.

Even if you are not a teacher, learning to access your inner wisdom inspires others to do the same. It's our stories that bring us together and help us grow. It’s how we relate, it’s how we connect and learn from each other. When you share your unique vision of the world, you help others grow. So share your story to inspire the change you want to see.

I'm Michelle Taffe

I first started on the path of meditation and yoga ten years ago. After suffering persistent intermittent depression for most of my life, finally at age 29 I experienced an existential crisis greater than the many others I had experienced in my short life up until that point.

Though born in Australia I have been an adventurer since I could save up enough money to travel, so at 29 I was living in Barcelona, where I had moved three years earlier, attracted by the vibrant life and eclectic mix of creative people from all around the world who lived there. At first I lived off my savings for a few months, which was easy enough because that was pre-Euro, and Spain with the peseta was still a relatively cheap place to live.

I went to Spanish classes every morning, and to the beach every afternoon. After a few months of this one day my French housemate came to tell me he was worried I would end up not being able to pay the rent so he had co-opted me into a job at the bar of the nightclub where he was the bouncer. I worked there for a while, and it was fun (especially serving random drinks to the customers whose orders I didn’t understand in their slurred Spanish screamed over all the noise), but then I felt the need to get a ‘serious’ job. So I got myself a job as a web programmer in a Spanish internet company. They agreed to process my work visa papers, but within about three days at the office I knew it was not for me.

We created Your Fab Yoga Life for yoga teachers who want to create a thriving career out of sharing their passion for yoga, but this course has also helped many healers, therapists and coaches significantly re-vision and expand their offerings & gain incredible confidence in themselves.

So I stopped going. Then slowly I stopped leaving the house. Then I found myself drinking straight Jamesons whiskey from the bottle and not eating very much. I had ended up at this point in my life many times before, but this time it was worse.

I realised that I had a pattern. And that behind the pattern was a deep lack of meaning and purpose in my life. A feeling of ‘going through the motions’ but not knowing what it was all for in the end.

When I found myself watching Mexican soap operas every day and closely following the stories of the Pablos, Marias and Juans on screen while I tranquilly sipped my whiskey straight from the bottle and rolled another joint and felt so terribly sad, I realised maybe I had taken it a bit too far this time. I didn’t know why I was doing what I was doing, and I had lost my internal compass and any clarity I might have formerly had for my life. I had no drive and no motivation for anything. The pain I experienced at just waking up each day with no particular reason to live and no desire to leave the house was so intense that I realised I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed to do something drastic to save myself. I was more or less alone in a foreign country without too many close friends and no family and I could see no one else was coming to save me.

I had heard about this thing called Vipassana meditation, and I knew that it involved meditation and silence for ten days. Though I had never done any formal meditation before, I thought this sounded like what I needed. So I went online and I found a Buddhist monastery on my favourite island in Thailand which ran regular Vipassana retreats.

Without a second thought I booked in, packed up all my things in Barcelona, dropped out of my course and within two weeks I found myself flying to Thailand. Within about a day I knew that this was the medicine that I needed. I loved the silence, and the teachings helped me to see so clearly that all of my suffering and my sadness was coming from my thought patterns, developed over a lifetime. I had an inner knowing that my life would be different from this point onwards. Just before I left for Thailand the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami happened, so when I finished the ten days I went to be a volunteer in the post wave cleanup where I ended up staying for three months. I had an incredible experience, which no doubt would not have been so incredible if I had not done the retreat prior.

Then when I returned to Spain, I decided to move to Mallorca where my partner was living, and on the same instinct that took me to the Vipassana, I joined my first yoga class. The combination of yoga and meditation was hugely transformational for me.

Now with yoga asanas, I was able to investigate the stuck beliefs and patterns within my body, as well as within my mind. And learning pranayama helped me fully understand the integral connection of body, mind and soul, all connected through the energy of the breath. I slowly came to realise that these were the most powerful and transformational practices I had ever come across, and with this realisation came the realisation that this was how I wished to heal the conflict and the pain of the people of the world: through helping them to heal their internal pain. Because I saw clearly for the first time that external conflicts like war are just mirrors of our internal human conflicts. So I thought, the best way to heal wars is to help people heal the war that goes on inside of themselves.

After living for five years in Mallorca, practising meditation, yoga and doing a lot of self development and spiritual work investigating my Samskaras (ingrained thought patterns and belief systems), while working in a range of different jobs, I experienced another crisis moment when I was ‘released’ from what I thought at the time was my dream job: working from home as an editor and translator for a lifestyle magazine website about Ibiza. It was at this point that I took some time out to apply the practices I had learned to the big picture of my life. I spent about 3 months practicing yoga and meditation daily while slowly journaling, painting and envisaging what my actual dream life would look like. Slowly the themes emerged of sharing my love of these practices with the world through a website which would give me the freedom I desired to live anywhere while making my living and being creative. And so the seeds for The Global Yogi were sewn in July 2010.

These days, my yoga and meditation practices are my constant companions and the foundations for my own Fab Yoga Life. I practice meditation every morning, and then I do whatever yoga practice feels right for that day.

Sometimes that is just Savasana! And sometimes it is the Ashtanga Primary series for 2 hours. Since I began these practices ten years ago my life is completely different. I no longer experience any persistent depression, and when I do go through difficult emotions, I have a whole toolkit at my disposal to feel through them and come out refreshed on the other side. I no longer feel any lack of meaning or purpose. It is clear to me that I am here on this Earth to share love and to share my gifts and to celebrate the miracle of life. Though of course I am not permanently happy, I have learned how to manage the difficult times, knowing that what I need to do is feel the feelings so that I can transition and transform and go to the next step. This is the reason I have dedicated my working life to helping to share these practices: because they have transformed my life and continue to support an expanding and blossoming life for me.

In this course I use my expertise and experience in online marketing and communications, as well as business development (as an entrepreneur myself) to help people see all the different ways they can expand their offering to include more than just teaching yoga or giving sessions in whatever modality they do. This includes things like CDs and DVDs, ebooks, ecourses, Skype coaching sessions and more. How your offerings can expand is limited only by the range of your own imagination.

Over the past six years running The Global Yogi website, I have interviewed many wellness professionals, asking them about how they manage their business and life, as well as delving into the deeper questions about their path and how they got to where they are today. This is not a path for the faint hearted. A true yogi is a rebel, to quote one of my favourite yogi rebels, David Sye (one of the bonus interviewees on the course). This is a path that you create by walking it, but this doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the knowledge and experience of those who have walked it before. Our bonus interviews with high profile teachers in the international yoga scene will give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how these exceptional people have created their own fabulous yoga lives.

My goals in co-creating this course with Kim are straightforward.

  1.     To show you that your Fab Yoga Life doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s
  2.     To help you see that your knowledge, skills and life experience and highly valuable and much needed in the world
  3.     To give you a blueprint for your success (after you define what that means for you)
  4.     To support you in realising your dreams in the creation of your most Fabulous Yoga Life and thus elevate the lives of all those whom you touch

What you'll receive when you join Your Fab Yoga Life:

    • Exclusive, lifetime membership to the Your Fab Yoga Life private site - all the information and materials you need to create your fabulous yoga life today
    • 20 (check) audios of Kim and Michelle guiding you through the material and sharing their personal journeys to manifesting their own fab yoga lives.
    • 26 PDF investigative exercises and creative exercises designed to help you unveil all of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and then help you to seed new belief systems which will support Your Fab Yoga Life
    • Self study course – move through the material in the comfort of your own home at a pace that fits with your lifestyle and works for you
    • Just a 2 hours a week to complete the weekly assignments
    • Access the course anytime, on any device
    • Instant and Unlimited, Lifetime Access to the course and materials
    • Coursework that really shows you how you can create your most fabulous and unique yoga life
    • Kim’s ebook: Ashtanga Yoga for the Beginners’ Mind, with a new revised forward by Richard Freeman and Michelle’s ebook the Becoming a Global Yogi Guide + Workbook
    • A supportive community of people on the same journey connected via our private facebook group. Lifetime access
    • Weekly Bonus Materials! A range of exclusive bonuses including interviews with successful international yoga teachers, research materials on the business of yoga and the state of the industry today

    This course is a good fit if:

    • You have a burning desire to create an amazing life sharing the tools of yoga or your chosen wellness modality
    • You want to learn how to change your internal experience so that this fabulous life manifests for you
    • You know that you are meant to share your gifts in a way that also supports a prosperous and fulfilling life for you, you just need some guidance
    • You are dedicated to creating Your Fab Yoga Life
    • You understand that the foundation of this creation are the practices and yoga and meditation, and you are excited to go deeper into them to unveil your truth
    • You are committed to a path of spiritual and personal evolution
    • You are ready to see and experience co-creating your Fab Yoga Life in alignment with the Universe
    • You are not afraid to investigate your shadows

    This course isn't a good fit if:

    • You don’t believe it’s possible to be an independent wellness professional and prosper on all levels
    • You don’t believe that the creation of a fabulous life depends only on you
    • You are not interested in investigating your hidden beliefs and resulting behavioural patterns
    • You are not willing to put the effort in to change
    • You are not committed to a path of spiritual and personal evolution

    Your Fab Yoga Life doesn’t end when you finish this 8 week course.

    This is just the beginning. We have a closed facebook group, which you will become a lifetime member of, thus becoming a part of a supportive community of alumni from the course who share information and material to help each other in the journey. Information such as yoga teaching jobs, inspiration for classes, and articles about yoga, yoga teaching, self study, meditation and the spiritual path.

    You are no longer alone once you take this course. You are part of a growing Your Fab Yoga Life community of alumni all around the world.

    Here's What People Are Saying

    Carlie Karouw, Holland

    I learned a lot about business & marketing and gained confidence to promote myself and my offerings. The course was extremely helpful to me. Even though I still need another job to support myself, I’m convinced to be on the right track and that one day I’ll be able to fully live of my passion.

    This has been a stress-free and therefore joyful course for me. Because I did not had to travel and sit in a class. Just on my own time and at the same time it feels like really doing useful work. I got insights about my hearts longings and where I really am. And also about thinking patterns keeping me away from being happy with my life. So my view on what kind of life I would make my heart happy is getting clearer. I really enjoyed Kim and Michelle’s coaching and audio recordings. So friendly and heart warming. The design of the website is beautiful and refined. So thank you Kim and Michelle for your openhearted and sincere effort to create this life changing course.

    Thank you Kim & Michelle

    Carlie Karouw, Holland


    • How the practices of yoga and meditation are tools to help you access a state of mind characterized by greater clarity, compassion and wisdom
    • How to translate this into teachings to share with others
    • The number one most important thing you need to do in order to grow as a teacher, as a person and as an agent of positive change in the world
    • How these contemplative practices are the ideal vehicles to share the vision of change that many of us long for in this world
    • How to create new ways of manifesting your skills and wisdom
    • ow to take your teaching to a whole new dimension by shifting your perspective just a little bit
    • How to recognise the 4 phases of change that occur in each transition

    This is the inspiration you've been waiting for! Don't wait any longer, sign up today and step up to your most Fabulous Yoga Life!

    • q-iconI'm not a yoga teacher - will this course help me?

      Yes! ABSOLUTELY. Counselors, meditation teachers, coaches, healers, massage therapists, psychotherapists, reiki masters, kirtan leaders, passion-mappers, tai chi teachers and even artists are welcome to join and take part in this course.

      We designed this course specifically for yoga teachers because this is our background. However the same principles apply to any healer or teacher where the basis of instruction draws upon the deep inner guidance of the teacher or healer.

      This process will help anyone in the healing professions to gain clarity on the value of what they have to offer, and insights into how to share those gifts. The only thing to note is that we designed this course for yoga teachers interested in uplifting their teaching repertoire, so you’ll have to translate the language in your mind to suit your needs.

    • q-iconI've already been teaching for many years - will this course help me?

      Yes! Many people who are currently teaching have taken the course and reported that it’s helped improve the classes and retreats they already offer. When you experience a truer, fuller vision of who you are as a teacher and what you have to offer, every aspect of your teaching (and life!) gets better. That’s what this course teaches you to do.

    • q-iconI already have a Teacher Training Certificate. Why do I need Your Fab Yoga Life Ecourse? I tried on-line business development courses before and they didn't work. How will this be different?

      One of the main issues that hold people back is their limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is any internal message or feeling that tells you you can’t create the situation or life experience you want.

      Limiting beliefs block us from intentionally manifesting what we desire. In Your Fab Yoga Life, we address not only the practical issues that are necessary to create a fulfilling life teaching yoga, but also the limiting beliefs that hold us back from what we unconsciously now we are capable of.

      Once you understand that the practices you teach are the only tools you need to access your inner wisdom, then the sky is the limit for what you can create.

    • q-iconWhat does 30 day money-back guarantee mean?

      It means that if for any reason you don’t like the course, you can email us (within 30 days of purchasing it) to tell us you no longer want to be a part of the program and that you’d like a full refund (which we will happily give you – no questions asked). We are committed to you being completely satisfied (and blown away!) with this investment, and we are confident in the power of this course to change the course of your life!

    • q-iconWhat will happen after I make the payment above?

      Once you make the payment, a registration page will appear (if you wait a few seconds this page will pop up).

      After you register, you’ll be sent an email immediately with your Username & Password. Please check your spam and/or promotions folders for the email (from: as it might end up there.

      If you miss the registration page – no worries – you’ll get an email with instructions. Again, check you spam folders if you don’t see it in your inbox.

    • q-iconWhen can I expect to see/feel results (feeling more confident in teaching, getting students, creating new classes, etc.)?

      It depends on a few things: how fast you integrate the concepts of the course and how much you believe in the process. Results will vary for everyone, but many participants will be surprised that they see/feel results almost immediately – within the first few days.


      One of the most fascinating things about this process is that it seems to work outside of the constraints of time. Once you start to change your mindset, the phenomenal world steps up immediately to reinforce those new beliefs and mirror them back to you.

    • q-iconWhat teaching methods do you use in the course?

      We address the content from all angles to suit different learning styles:

      *audio recordings guide you through the lessons, so you can learn from listening.

      *written material, so you can read about the concepts to learn.

      * each lesson comes with written exercises, so you can take action to learn the content.

      All our bases are covered. : )

    • q-iconHow will I get the course materials?

      All the materials of the course are virtual; you get access to them by clicking on the links we provide. There will be a course homepage with clear and simple instructions on how to access the materials.

      Once you purchase the course, you’ll be sent an email with your login and password, giving you access to the Your Fab Yoga Life private site. Everything you need is there and you are free to download the materials to save to your own computer. We ask that you please do not distribute the materials – this is YOUR investment, and we ask that you respect the value of this by not sharing with those who are not part of the course.

    • q-iconDo I get access to everything at once (or do I have to wait)?

      Because the course has a cumulative flow, we release one module each week. We’ve found that starting at the beginning and going straight through allows the material to take root more effectively. Once the modules are released you have access to all previous weeks’ material.

    • q-iconHow long will it take me to go through the course?

      You can go at your own pace, but the suggested time is 8 weeks (6 modules with 2 integration weeks).

    • q-iconHow long do I get access to the course and materials?

      Forever. Once you purchase the course, it’s yours to keep.

    • q-iconWill you help me one-on-one?

      No, but as of May 2020, this program is being offered as a part of a group coaching program called the Transition Team, which includes group coaching via Zoom for 3 months.

    • q-iconWho do I contact if I have issues or questions? or – we’re here for you.

    This is an exciting journey, and signals the next stage in your development as a yoga teacher / wellness professional. Once your join up, you get lifetime access to the course, meaning you can go back and take it again, or just dip in an out of particular modules whenever you need to. Plus, you become part of a global community of alumni who share their journeys and their learnings with each other on our private facebook group.


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    Based on the extent of the content offered in this course and the unique nature of its aims: to support you in creating an independent and profitable livelihood in yoga and wellness, along with the many bonus interviews with high profile and successful professional yoga teachers and global yogis – the value of this course is $750.

    But because we want it to be accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are on their life and their yoga journey, we have made the course available for $197. We really want you to benefit from the invaluable knowledge, tools, and wisdom contained within the course.

    We want to support you in creating the most fabulous yoga life you can imagine!

    Because the world needs you and needs your skills and your talents! And we would love to be a part of your journey in supporting you.

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    UPDATE 2020

    With the addition of an amazing 3 Months Transition Team Coaching, this package - the YFYL online course + LIVE online in person weekly group coaching on your personal and business TRANSITION (value = $3000), this brings the total value up to $3750!

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      • Start where you are
      • Commit to your practice
      • Set your intention
      • Find your passion

      • Claim your story
      • Listen to your inner voice
      • Unleash your imagination
      • Prepare for the journey

      • What are you worth?
      • Your money beliefs
      • Your business plan

      • Visualise Your Ideal Life
      • Define wealth for you
      • One small step
      • Collaboration

      • Find your right people
      • Decide on how to connect
      • Make your magic brew

      • Take stock of your current Wonderful Web of Love and Support
      • Build your future Wonderful Web of Love and Support
      • Your big exciting project

    NOT SURE YET? Our BONUS INTERVIEWS include a host of world renowned and very experienced successful international yoga teachers.

    This is exclusive content to this course, and is not accessible anywhere else.

    Straight from the yogis mouth!

    • Danny Paradise, reknowned Ashtangi yogi, travelling the world as a yoga teacher for the past 25 years
    • David Lurey, Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, Kirtan singer and global yogi travelling the world teaching yoga for the past 15 years
    • Annie Pace, Ashtangi yogi based in Colorado and one of the original students of Guruji Pattabhi Jois
    • Brooke McCarthy, Independent Marketing and PR professional working with yoga and wellness business people.
    • Rachel Zinman, travelling Ishta yoga teacher with more than 25 years of experience teaching yoga.
    • David Sye, rebel yogi, musician, humanitarian and founder of Yoga Beats. David supports the training of Palestinian yoga teachers in Gaza.
    • Kimberly Ann Johnson, [didn’t we include the interview I did with her? ]International yoga teacher, postpartum wellness coach and author.

    For just $200 more ($397 in total), you also join the 3 Month TRANSITION TEAM group coaching, running June, July and August 2020.